Jesus: God and Man
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Larry MullinsLarry Mullins was handed a 1955 first printing of The Urantia Book in 1968 by an advertising colleague, Clyde Bedell. Bedell was a member of the original Forum that helped publish the Urantia Papers as a book. Larry is author of Jesus: God & Man (1976), the first derivative work to be accepted for publication by Urantia Foundation. He has served the Urantia movement as President of the First Urantia Society of Oklahoma, and eight years as a General Councilor for Urantia Brotherhood. He is a noted public speaker and the author of several books on the Self- Actualization process including Immature People with Power: How to Handle Them and most recently: The MetaValues Breakthrough. Larry is CEO of UltraSales, Inc., a nationally syndicated advertising and marketing business.